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We have a new tail in our offer, built for wingspans from 3m up to 3.5m. (118" - 138").

The tail is projected and constructed so it looks very elegant and has excellent flight characteristics.

The tail is made as a constructin of laser cut ribs covered with carbon cap strips and additional carbon reinforcements which gives it great strength. It is also made with carbon main spar and trailing edge.

Vertical stabilizer is made the same way and it already has a built in kevlar hinge.

Complete tail is covered with Oracover - Light Oralight foil.

The tail is also prepared to be mounted on our V-Mount. It has a slot and the V-Mount simply slides into it and you only need to fasten them together with a screw.

It is compatible with our sets #131 and #132, but it can also be used for other pods and projects.


Tail specifications:


Horizontal stabilizer:
Span: 660mm , 143mm chord on the middle and 111mm on the tip.
Weight: 42g / 1.48oz

Vertical stabilizer:
362mm height. Lower part widts is 216mm, and upper part width is 105mm. Bottom part of the tail is located 80mm below the boom. There is enough space inside the vertical stab to install servos.
Weight: 55g / 1.94oz

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