Hybrid D-box 2:1 80 mm / 3.14

Hybrid carbon-kevlar fiber D-Box is 1100mm long, depth of 80mm / 3.14".
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Hybrid carbon-aramid D-Box is made precisely with mould and has perfectly smooth surface. It is 1100mm / 43.30" long, and has the depth of 80mm / 3.14". Only the finest 3K aero hybrid carbon-aramid fiber 2:1 material is used.

D-Box is precisely made with mould and has perfectly smooth surface from the outer side. It is 1100 mm / 43.30" long, and has the depth of 80 mm / 3.14".

It is built for AG series profiles, but sinceit is very flexible, it can be adjusted to any profile.

Fixed radius on the D-Box leading edge is 3 mm / 0.118".

Only the finest hybrid 3K aero carbon-aramid 2:1 ratio material is used.

Material is cut at 45° angle.


Hybrid D-Box Specifications


 1100 mm / 43.30"     


 80 g / 2.82 oz


 80 mm / 3.14"


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