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Set contains Pod, Boom, and V-Mount.

Set weights 143 grams (5.04 oz).

Carbon boom is 900 mm (35.43") long and weights 39g (1.37 oz).

Carbon V-Mount has ID of 13.7mm (0.54") and weights 5.5grams (0.194 oz).
You get few different bolts with it.

Carbon tail boom is made from several carbon types. Materials are strategicaly positioned so the boom is of its maximum strength and minimum weight.

Pod is completely made of composites, mainly fiber glass, and has carbon fiber reinforcements on strategic spots, so it is 2.4 GHz friendly.
It is strong enough to withstand even the hardcore landing and forces.
Carbon removable canopy is included.
Edges around the canopy are reinforced with carbon.
Part where tow hook, pylon are also reinforced, just like top of the nose, so it can be landed roughly.
Already instelled firewall.
Made for spinner of 36 mm (1.40") diameter.
This pod is suitable for wingspan up to 3 meter (118"). Ideal for home builder, it can be used as replacement pod for other projects.
The final color is white - gelcoat, resistant to UV rays.


Fuselage Pod Specifications
Length 507 mm (19.96
Wing depth 230 mm (9.05
Profile AG Series
Boom diameter 23 mm ID (0.90
Dihedral angle
Weight 99 g (3.49 oz)
Spinner 36 mm (1.41
Carbon Tail Boom
Length 900 mm (35.43
Wide End 23 mm ID (0.90
Narrow End 11.5 mm OD (0.452
Weight 39g (1.37 oz)
Wall thickness 0.5 mm (0.019
Inside diameter 13.7 mm (0.539
Weight 5.5 g (0.19 oz)
Height of the tailplane mounting plate 50 mm (1.96
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