Oracover Oralight Transparent Red covering foil

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High quality Oralight Transparent Red Covering Foil used for covering top quality models as the foil has great characteristics and its ultra light weight.


Foil widht is 60cm. This price is for 100cm long and 60cm wide foil sheet.


Weighing only 36 g/m² including thermo-active adhesive Oralight® is an absolute lightweight.

Oralight foil is the ideal solution if you need to reduce the weight of your construction to a minimum.

Oralight® shares the superior qualities of ORACOVER®.


Technical data:

Material thickness total (supporting film): approx. 22 μm (approx. 12 μm)

Weight: approx. 36 g/m²

Tensile strength (lengthwise and crosswise): mind. 150 N / 50 mm

Breaking extension (lengthwise and crosswise): mind. 90 %

Adhesive power: mind. 7 N / 25 mm

Shrinkage: mind. 5 % in both directions (reference temperature 150 °C)

Melting point: 250°C


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