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HLG Trotter is constructed and designed by a well-known HLG Croatian team which has promoted the model on various competitions and has won many medals. Furthermore, it has also been presented in a lot of popular magazines.

All parts of the kit are cut on laser to achieve very easy and fast assembly. This kit is recommended to beginners who are not familiar with model construction. It can be finished in literally 2 days.

Classic HLG Trotter has 1.5m (59.1") wingspan, total model weights is approx. 200 grams (7 oz). Wing is constructed with ribs reinforced with carbon strips, hybrid carbon-kevlar D-Box and some additional reinforcements which gives extremely strong and lightweight wing.
Fuselage is entirely made of carbon fiber, the part where components lie on is made of fiber glass reinforced with carbon fiber, and the nosecone is made with kevlar.

Wing airfoil is S4083 and it makes Trotter ideal for thermal sailing, it catches even the slightest thermals which gives it excellent flight characteristics.

Due to its simple construction, it is very easy to fly and we recommend it as an introduction to model flying not only to beginners but also to more experienced modelers.

Model can be launched with bungee start or simple hand-thrown.

It is usually covered with Oralight covering foil. It is the best option to cover the model, since it is very light and has great characteristics.

To fly HLG Trotter, transmitter with 2 channels and V-mixer is required.

Kit includes:
- detailed drawing
- laser cut ribs and all other parts needed to assemble the kit
- laser cut tail
- 3-part carbon fuselage
- bowdens cable set
- carbon cap strips
- mainspar reinforced with carbon and -wrapped with kevlar thread
- carbon trailing edge
- hybrid carbon-kevlar D-Box - weights 34gr (1.19 oz)
- various carbon material for reinforcements
- bolts and nuts for fastening wing and tail
- carbon command for moving tails surfaces
- styrofoam template cut on CNC foam cutter for easier D-Box glueing
NOTE: Oralight foil is NOT included into kit and should be bought separately.

Dimensions and fuselage specifications:
Length: 870 mm (34.25")
Wing depth: 185 mm (7.28")
Profile: S 4083
V Tail angle: 110°
Dihedral angle of: 0°
Weight: 45 g (1.58oz)

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