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Composite material

Peel Ply 95 g/m² – plain


Peel Ply 95 g/m² – plain

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High quality fine peel ply 95 g/m², 2.8 oz/yd²  –  plain cloth.

High quality fine peel ply 95 g/m², 2.8 oz/yd²  –  plain cloth.

This roll is 1m /39" wide and the fabric is sold by the linear metre. The unit price shown is for 1 linear metre.

If you a interested you can also get sheet by your desired dimensions.

Technical data:
Material: 100 % Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide), scoured, heat set finished, plain weave
with red tracers every approx. 30 mm along the warp
Setting (Thr./cm): 19 x 19
Thickness: min. 0.17 mm
Melting point: 250 °C
Softening point: 235 °C
Tensile strength (CSN EN ISO 13934-1): Warp: min. 1040 N, weft: min. 930 N

Peel Ply is a woven dacron (rayon) cloth. Peel Ply is generally used to allow the builder to have a "re-bondable" surface which requires no additional preparation once the peel ply is removed. Peel ply also serves other important functions as well. When applied over wet lay-ups, peel ply allows you to squeegee trapped air out without allowing the glass layers to move and shift around. When the resin/fiberglass layup is cured and the peel ply is removed, the surface will be free of harmful sharp edges and spurs.

Resin surfaces normally will not totally cure when exposed to air which acts as an inhibitor. Peel ply helps seal the surface and allow the resin to thoroughly cure. This complete curing of the resin surface is very important. Later when sanding or grinding the surface, the "sticky stuff" will not be there to clog up sandpaper with uncured resin.

Peel ply has been well-known to aircraft construction for many years. The screen fabric produced using washed polyamide 6.6 (nylon) is applied as a final layer to the epoxy or polyester resin laminate. Following the increase in hardness or respectively before bonding the parts, the peel ply is peeled off („torn off”). This results in an overall rough, bondable upper surface free from lubricating film. Suitable for epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins


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