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CLM Pro Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you send packages worldwide?

  • Of course, CLM Pro sends packages globally. There is no country to which we do not ship.

How are the packages sent? What are the delivery options?

  • We offer two options regarding package shipping:
    International Economy – worldwide packages arrive in 10-20 business days, and 5-10 business days for Europe.
    Priority Air Mail - worldwide packages arrive in 5-15 business days, and 3-5 business days for Europe.
    For urgent deliveries, we can ship them as priority shipments through FedEx, so be sure to let us know before ordering.

How to order through the webshop at

  • 1. When selecting the desired product, click on Add to Cart, found to the right of the description.
  • 2. When you have choosing from our products, click Checkout and follow the instructions found in: Billing Details, Delivery Details, Delivery Method, Payment Method.
  • 3. When you have filled everything out, confirm your order and you will receive a notification and details about your order via email.

How do I know my package has been sent?

  • Once we send a package, you will receive the order details via email. In the email, you will find a tracking number, which transport service will deliver it, the estimated time of arrival, and more.

How do I check the shipping price?

  • In the webshop at you can check the price of shipping as follows: Select a product and add it to your cart; it is found at the main menu on the left side. You can also check it in the shopping cart menu. Therein you can view all the products that are in the cart and you choose the shipping destination there. At the end, you simply click Get quotes and multiple shipping options with prices are displayed.

Can I order without using the webshop/shopping cart?

What are the available payment methods?

  • Currently, there are only two types of methods available. PayPal is the universal payment method, however, you can also pay via bank transfer or Western Union. If there is some other payment option you would prefer, contact us via email prior to placing an order.

Do the pods found in sets already have screw threads or blind mounting nuts for mounting wings?

  • All our pods (except ARF models) are sent without mounting nuts on the pylon. Since every customer has their own approach and methods for mounting wings, we are not including the plywood on which the blind nuts are mounted. We are leaving that option up to our customers.

Are the products in secure packages?

  • CLM Pro ships packages worldwide, so packages and their security is very important to us. Each product is specially secured and covered with security foil to prevent damage. We use a CNC foam cutter to cut styrofoam to perfectly fit each package to keep it in place at all times. Afterwards, they are packed into special boxes for additional protection.

Are pods available in colors other than the standard white?

  • Of course, you can order a pod or fuselage in other colors. There is a wide array of colors available. Simply contact us before placing an order via email and we will easily arrange anything.

For some products it says they are available in 2-3 days, what does that mean?

  • Sometimes we do not have a product in stock, so we need to manufacture it. It usually takes one or two days to manufacture a product and process your order. In case of a delay, we contact our customers immediately via email.

I would like to order a pod, but I do not know which one would suit me the best.

  • If you are not sure which one would suit you the best, feel free to contact us via email [email protected] and we will happily recommend what we think would suit you the best.

Is it possible to order an extra strong or lightweight pod from our offer?

  • Of course, you can order a non-standard pod or any other product. Anything is possible, it can be very light or very strong, and made out of materials of your choosing.

What does it mean when the tracking status says: insert item into the bag?

  • Croatia, ZAGREB 10003, Insert item into bag (Otb) means that your package has passed customs checks and that it is already being transported to your address, i.e. country. The next update happens when the package reaches the destination country’s customs. Sometimes the package remains at customs for 2 days or, sometimes, even up to 2 weeks. It all depends on the workload customs has to process.

Are custom projects/customized products possible?

  • CLM Pro is engaged in designing, research, development and manufacture of composite materials, so we can realize other projects, as well. If you have a project of your own and would like to place it on the market, feel free to contact us, as we would be very happy to help you realize your project.

Is it possible to convert pure glider pod to electro-pod?

  • Most of our pods are designed in such a way you can easily convert them to electro version. Our pods have a circular corss-section on the nose and are additionally reinforced so the conversion is easily made. You only have to cut the nose at given length, insert the firewall and you have yourself an electro pod.

Is to possible to choose between colors if I order ARF model or completed tail?

  • You can choose any color combination you desire. We currently have 8 different Oracover Oralight transparent colors. You can simply leave us a note with wanted color combination while placing your order.
    Available colors:

Can HLG Trotter kit be assembled by a beginner with little knowledge?

  • HLG Trotter kit includes carbon accessories and all required laser cut parts. The whole model is designed so it can easily be assembled and flown by a beginner with little to no previous knowledge. You also get a detailed manual with self explanatory pictures for every building step, assembly itself takes very little time to get the finished product.


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