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Element 2 Electric - Strong


Element 2 Electric - Strong

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ManufacturerCLM Pro

CLM Pro RC model Element 2 electric strong version has 2m / 78.74" wingspan, REF version and full composite made. Total model weights 285 grams / 10.05 oz. Very easy and fast assembly and provides excellent performance, it is very stable and is a joy to fly.

CLM Pro has released a new model called Element 2 electric - strong version, of a wingspan up to 2m. Due to its aerodynamic design and excellent performance, it is very stable and is a joy to fly. The model is constructed using full-carbon parts, so the strength - mass ratio is ideal. It is also very light, giving it amazing characteristics when sailing.

The difference between standard and strong version of RC model Element 2 is in the reinforced mainspar and stronger D-box which is made with stronger carbon.
The stronger version is about 30 grams / 1.05 oz heavier than the standard version.

It comes in rudder, elevator, flaps (REF) strong version as a electro version.

Since it is so light with excellent performance, Element 2 is designed for flying in the F5J category and other competitions where you need to stand out when there is little or low thermals.

It is the same as with recreational flying: it will guarantee a great flight day and great fun.


The wing is constructed so that the centerpanel is straight, while the mid and tip panels are angled, which gives the model good stability and easy handling during flight.

The centerpanel is a single segment, and the mid panel is another which are joined with carbon joiners and have pre-prepared pins so that everything fits together perfectly.

The wings are built with full balsa ribs and everything else out of carbon.

For the carbon D-Box a 3K hybrid carbon-aramid material of highest quality is used. The main spar is made of balsa, reinforced with carbon and covered with glass. Ultimately, it is wrapped in kevlar, giving it even greater strength combined with the carbon D-Box. The trailing edge is made of carbon, and there are carbon cap strips on the upper and lower side of the ribs, which gives greater stability and more strength to the whole construction. The flaps are on the whole surface of the centroplan and it has a built-in kevlar hinge. The wings and the tail are covered with high quality Oracover Oralight trasparent foil which weighs only 36g/m2.


The tail is made of balsa with carbon cap strips on both sides, giving it the necessary resistance to stress. The hinges on the vertical stabilizer are made of pre-prepared kevlar so that everything is very smooth. The vertical stabilizer has a pre-prepared slot made of carbon tube so it is easily attached to the pod's carbon tail boom. Therefore, no adjustments are necessary.


The electric pod is entirely made of fiber glass and carbon, it is very light and strong. It is 2.4 GHz friendly.
The pod is reinforced with carbon on strategic spots which gives it more strength. Edges around the canopy are reinforced with carbon. Canopy is designed in a way that there is enough space to easily manipulate with all components in the pod, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field. Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. Already installed firewall, which had angle of 2° downwards. Made for spinner of 30 mm / 1.18" diameter. The final color is white - gelcoat, resistant to fraying and resistant to UV rays.

Tail boom:
The carbon tailboom is made from several carbon types. Materials are strategicaly oriented, so the boom has maximum strength and minimum weight. The carbon tail boom is 700 mm / 27.55" long and weighs 23g / 0.81 oz. The wide end is 19 mm / 0.74", and the narrow end is 12.5 mm / 0.49".                               
Carbon V-Mount has ID of 13.7mm / 0.54" and weighs 5.5grams / 0.194 oz.
You get few different bolts with it.

We used A-tested resin, certified for aeroplane construction for all parts made od composite material. Also, the boom is additionally heated so it get its maximum strength.

Note: Since the model is designed and built to be as light as possible, it possesses excellent flight characteristics, slope flying is not recommended.

Note1: You choose the Element 2 wing and tail foil color combination.

These are the colors you can choose from:

In order to assemble the set and fly it, little time is neccessary because the majority is already assembled.

The only things left to do are gluing carbon tailboom to the pod. Gluing/mounting the vertical stabilizer to the end of the pre-prepared boom. Reperat with V-mount. Place commands, glue to the flaps and position the rudder horne onto the movable rudder surface and join everything together. Finally, place the electronics and you are ready to fly.

Element 2 electric specifications:


2000 mm



1180 mm


Wing area:

30.32 dm2

 469.96 sq. in.


AG 24, 25, 26

 AG 24, 25, 26


315 g

11.11 oz

Control surfaces:




Element 2 electric weight of parts:



 1.87 oz



 0.81 oz

Rudder / vert stab


 0.41 oz

Elevator / hor stab


 0.46 oz

V- Mount


 0.21 oz

Center panel


 3.20 oz

Tip panel


 1.9 oz

Carbon joiner


 0.2 oz

Servo cover


 0.12 oz



 0.16 oz



 0.35 oz

Rudder horn


 0.03 oz


rtadw Monday, 22 April 2019
Finally assembled and flew my new Element 2 strong today. I fly Ava 3.2 m usually and this is so close to flight characteristics of Ava I could not believe it. Is small enough to fit easily in my car and plan to take with me on trips. Assembly was easy and it floats in the lightest of lift or thermals. Used a Hacker A10-7L + 4,4:1 and can go almost vertical with it. If your looking for a great electric floater at a good price ,this is what your looking for.

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