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Composite material

Ballistic Kevlar-aramid 468 g/m² – plain


Ballistic Kevlar-aramid 468 g/m² – plain

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High quality ballistic kevlar - aramid 468 g/m², 13.8oz/yd²  –  plain cloth. This fabric is specially made for ballistic protection.

High quality ballistic fine kevlar - aramid fabric 468 g/m², 13.7 oz/yd²  –  plain cloth - sample A4. The material is thick, opaque and compact in the middle.

This fabric is specially made for ballistic protection.
Ballistic results: (V-50, clay backed): 44 mag swc, 16 layers, 474 m/sec

It is only an sample of the material, A4 20x30cm / 11.81“x7.87“

If you a interested you can also get sheet by your desired dimensions.

What is Ballistic Kevlar®?
Kevlar®, a tightly woven, synthetic material with high tensile strength, was originally developed by the DuPont company in an effort to create a polymer-based replacement for tires — one that was lighter and more durable than its predecessor.

Upon discovering the potential behind this incredible strong fiber, the product, soon to be known as Kevlar®, was tested, and researched noticed that it exceeded the strength of nylon.

By the early 1970s, Kevlar® was introduced to the public and has since been used in a variety of industries including aerospace, ballistics, automotive, and telecommunications.

Still many feel that the Kevlar® name is synonymous with bullet resistant vests, and it’s durable, strong, and lightweight properties consistently place it ahead of steel and a variety of other materials when attempting to create or obtain effective body armor.

Kevlar® is a synthetic polymer and aramid fiber that is considered to be five-times stronger than steel on a equal weight basis. Its strength is derived from its structure (tightly packed, long chains of ring-like molecules) and way the fibers are tightly woven together.

The science used to create Kevlar® can be complex, and it’s easy to spend hours explaining its chemical makeup, but the take away will always be the same – it’s incredible strong and quickly showed its strength when compared to it’s nylon, polyester, and even steel predecessors.

As a DuPont product, Kevlar® is a product of years of extensive ballistic testing, scientific discovery, and engineering ingenuity. As such, Kevlar® products are tested for impact of ammunition between .22 caliber and .50 caliber.






Kevlar-aramid 468 g/m², 13.8 oz/yd²


Fibre description

Aramid fiber 3300 dtex



468 g/sqm / 13.8 oz/yd²

± 3%


0.64 mm

± 10%





125 cm


Tensile strength (MPa)



Tensile modulus (GPa):



Elongation at break (%): 



Ballistic results

(V-50, clay backed): 44 mag swc, 16 layers, 474 m/sec  


Warp – Weft ratio:




Fibre description:

Aramid fiber 3300 dtex 

Aramid fiber 3300 dtex 

Thread count (ends/cm)



Weight distribution (g/mq) 



Weight distribution (%)



Total weight rate (%)



Yarn number

3300 tex

3300 tex


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