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Prime RES III - KIT - X-tail


Prime RES III - KIT - X-tail

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ManufacturerCLM Pro

NEW Unassembled pure glider KIT version - according to FAI F3L RES competition rules. Prime RES III has 2m / 78.74" wingspan. Total model weighs ARC 280 grams / 9.87 oz. Laser-cut ribs and all other required parts.

CLM Pro has released a brand new model called Prime RES III.
Prime RES III is an upgraded version of Prime RES II model. The new version has two spoilers and slimmer fuselage, completely new wings, which brings it to lower weight and is working with the flow better. The wing is constantly an elipsis throughout its length which gives the model good stability and easy handling during flight.
The model is designed to be an all-round model for weather conditions from low thermals to strong winds. The model is designed and optimized to the last detail and it all comes together perfectly. Most importantly, when flying and competing, adjustments can be done quickly on the spot (ballast, hook etc.)
All parts are precisely laser-cut from balsa and aero plywood, all carefully selected high-quality materials.
Due to its aerodynamic design and excellent performance, it is very stable and is a joy to fly.

The model is designed and produced for competitions according to FAI F3L RES competition rules.

Compared to the previous version, the new model has several improvements and features, such as:

* wing halves that connect on the sides of the fuselage - V dihedral in the middle of the wing - better stability
* an adjustable hook: you can change the position of the hook (forward-backward) in the field in a second
* ballast is in the center of gravity of the model and is placed between the wings, so it can be easily manipulated from the upper side of the fuselage.
* new carbon tailboom which is longer than in previous versions
* canopy has a mechanics with magnet for easier and faster closing
* other details worked out to the last bit

Kit includes:
- detailed drawing in color
- detailed building manual with step-by-step images
- CNC cut jig from styrofoam (underside of wings) for easier wing glueing
- laser cut ribs and all other required parts
- templates for gluing the first ribs at angles
- carbon tailboom
- carbon tube for mainspar
- set of ballast with a total weight of 90 gr. + 29 gr steel joiner
- carbon wing joiner
- steel wing joiner for more ballast
- adjustable tow hook, including all necessary parts
- rudder horns, u-nuts and various bolts for mounting
- various magnets for the canopy, spoiler, ballast box and other
- bowdens and controls for connecting moving surfaces
- other carbon small parts and accessories

Additional details for each segment of the model can be found below.


Due to better stability the wing is designed with multiple segments. The wing is constructed in two pieces which are connected to the fuselage in the middle.
The wing also has a centerpanel with a dihedral angle in the middle, while the middle panel and tip panels are angled.
Each of the segments (tip panel, mid panel and center panel) are built with an angle, including the two halves which are connected to the fuselage with an angle as well

The wing is constantly an elipsis throughout its length which gives the model good stability and easy handling during flight.
The wings are joined with carbon joiner or steel joiners (ballast) and have pre-prepared pins so that everything fits together perfectly.

To ensure even stronger connection and to transfer the load better from middle panels of the wing onto the center panel, a wing carbon joiner made at an angle is included to connect the wing components together.
Kits also includes a carbon tube which is used as mainspar, and is reinforced with kevlar where wing segments are connected.
You also get a CNC cut styrofoam jig for easier wing glueing.

The main construction of the wings is built with full balsa ribs, plywood for trailing edge and reinforcements where needed, while composite materials are used for leading edge and mainspar according to FAI F3 RES rules.
All parts are laser cut and fit together perfectly. There is minimum rework needed, you only have to assemble everything and bond according to the manual.
The centerpanel comes with a two separated spoilers with built-in magnets so it's perfectly closed when in closed position.

 CLM Pro Prime RES wings 4 Prime RES wings Prime RES wings


As our every fuselage, this fuselage is also made with aerodinymical shape with smooth transitions. Again, all parts are laser cut out of balsa and avio plywood.
The fuselage is reinforced on strategic spots with selection on material which gives it more strength.

One of the main features is also adjustable tow hook which is made of several parts which allows you to change the position of the hook (forward-backward) in the field in a second.

Special attention was also given to the ballast, which is integrated within a box in the pod, with a few reserve ballast modules, which can be changed in the field literally in seconds without disassembling the model.
The total weight that can be used for the ballast included with the steel joiner (only an option as an increase in ballast) is 119 grams.
Ballast contains 4 steel squares, dimensions 10x10 mm, length 29mm, each weighing 22.50g, which means a total of 90g. The steel joiner weighs 29g, so the total is 119g.
Ballast is in the center of gravity of the model and is placed between the wings, so it can be easily manipulated from the upper side of the fuselage/wing.
The ballast comes with balsa of the same diameter, so if you only want 22.5g of ballast, fill the rest with balsa so that everything looks nice and compact in the box and doesn't run away.

Canopy is designed in a way that there is enough space to easily manipulate with all components in the fuselage, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field.
The canopy has a mechanism with magnet for easier closing and making sure that it will not fall off during flight.

The tappered carbon tailboom is made from several carbon types. Materials are strategicaly oriented, so the boom has maximum strength and minimum weight.

 CLM Pro Prime RES wings 4 Prime RES wings Prime RES wings


The tail is also designed having aerodynamics in mind. It is a construction of laser cut balsa components.
If needed, there is an option to reinforce the elevator with carbon rectangular rod for stiffness.

Horizontal stab/elevator is tied to the tailboom via pylon which has a built-in nut so the tail can be dissasembled for easier transport.
Vertical fin has pre-prepared carbon pins which are inserted into drilled tailboom and is easily tied to the fuselage.

Carbon tailboom has predrilled holes for mountint the rudder/elevator which contain carbon rods.

CLM Pro Prime RES tail 1 CLM Pro Prime RES tail 2 CLM Pro Prime RES tail 3

We used A-tested resin, certified for aeroplane construction for all parts made od composite material.

Note: You can also order foil for model covering. We only use the highest quality Oralight foil from the German manufacturer Lenitz Prena Oracover Oralight.

These are the colors you can choose from:

Note 2: A printed copy of the building manual can be ordered separately. Leave us a note when ordering or send us an email.

Recommended glider setup:
Servo rudder / elevator: EMAX ES08MA II
Servo spoiler: EMAX ES9051
Battery: LiIon-Akku 1S/260mAh; 2S LiPo-Akku 300-850mAh; NiMh-Akku 300-700mAh
Receiver: 4 or 5 channel receiver to match your transmitter

file type pdf icon 130274 Prime RES III Build Manual can be downloaded here (download will start automatically) - coming soon



Prime RES III specifications:    
Wingspan: 1988 mm 78.26"
Length: 1256 mm 49.44"
Wing area: 35 dm2 542 sq. in.
Airfoils: AG 24-26 mod AG 24-26 mod
Weight structure: 280 g 9.87 oz
Weight covered: 370 g 13.05 oz
Flying weight from: 470g 16.57 oz
Control surfaces: RES RES
Center of gravity 70-78 mm from wing leading edge


Prime RES III weight of parts:    
Fuselage 52 g - 1.83 oz
Tailboom 17 g - 0.59 oz
Rudder / vert stab 8 g - 0.28 oz
Elevator / hor stab 10 g - 0.35 oz
Center panel - half 50 g - 1.76 oz
Middle wing panel 30 g - 1.05 oz
Tip panel 12 g - 0.42 oz
Tow hook 7 g - 0.24 oz
Carbon joiner 6 g - 0.21 oz
Bolts 3 g - 0.10 oz
Bowdens 10 g - 0.35 oz


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