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Fuselage Sets

Electric fuselage set #132 carbon

CLM-Pro-carbon-fuselage set-electric-132-new

Electric fuselage set #132 carbon

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ManufacturerCLM Pro

CLM Pro electric pure carbon fuselage set #132. Suitable for wingspan of up to 4m / 158". Made of fine 1K Aero carbon fiber.

CLM Pro electric pure carbon fuselage set #132. Suitable for wingspan of up to 4m / 158". Made of fine 1K Aero carbon fiber.

Set contains pure carbon fiber pod, carbon tailboom, and V-Mount.

Carbon tailboom is 1000 mm / 39.37" long and weighs 40g / 1.41 oz.
Carbon tail boom is made from several carbon types. Materials are strategically positioned so the boom is of its maximum strength and minimum weight.

Carbon V-Mount has ID of 13.7mm / 0.54" and weights 5.5grams / 0.194 oz.
You get a few different bolts with it.

Set weighs 175 grams (6.17oz).

This pod is designed so that it has beautiful aerodynamic lines, is easy on the eyes and, most importantly, possesses excellent flight characteristics. The pod is large and strong enough to easily carry 4-meter / 158" wings.

The electric pod #132 can be used for various purposes in various categories, such as F5J, ALES and other homebuild projects or replacements for a pre-existing model.

The pod is completely made of composites (multiple types of materials). It has been made of fine 1K Aero carbon material., and has carbon fiber reinforcements on strategic spots, giving it additional strength to endure heavier straining. It is strong enough to withstand even hardcore landings and other forces. The pylon are also reinforced, just like the top of the nose, so it can be landed roughly.

The canopy is designed in a way that there is enough space to easily manipulate all the components in the pod, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field. The edges around the canopy are also reinforced with carbon.
It is supplied with a removable carbon canopy.

The pylon is 265 mm / 10.43" long i additionally strengthened with multiple carbon types and layers, so the wings may be up to 300 mm / 11.81" in depth, but even larger ones can be mounted. Dihedral angle of pylon is 0°.

It also has additional air intakes installed, they can be opened afterwards if necessary.

Already instelled firewall. Made for spinner of 38mm / 1.50" diameter.

This pod is suitable for wingspans of up to 4 meters (158"). It is ideal for home builders, as it can be used as a replacement pod for other projects, too.

Tailboom suitable for this pod: Carbon tailboom #209 and extra strong #211.

If you require a pod version which is lighter or much stronger than the standard one, simply contact us and we can make a custom one for you. This also goes for the selection of materials.

Electric pod #132 specifications


677 mm / 26.65"

Wing depth

265 mm / 10.40"


AG Series

Boom diameter

25 mm ID / 0.98"

Dihedral angle


130 g / 4.58 oz


38 mm / 1.49"

Motor diameter

max 39 mm / 1.53"

Carbon Tailboom


1000 mm / 39.37"

Wide End

25 mm ID / 0.98"

Narrow End

11.5 mm OD / 0.452"


40 g / 1.41 oz

Wall thickness

0.6 mm / 0.023"


Inside diameter

13.7 mm / 0.539"


5.5 g / 0.19 oz

Height of the tailplane mounting plate

50 mm / 1.96"


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